April 24th 2005
Smart meets Ducati

This (anual)meeting took place in Heinenoord, a place near Rotterdam The Netherlands.

April 16th 2005
Smart Flowerbulbs Tour

This meeting took place in the regions of Rijnsburg,  The Netherlands,
where most of the Dutch flowerbulbs grow

July 22nd 2004
Smarpache meets Smart Roadster

It all started somewhere in june when I received a letter from Smart.
They asked me if I could withstand the temptation of having a 24 hour test-drive in a Smart Roadster.
I couldn't, so I replied, and we made an appointment.
So here's a small impression of my Smart Roadster Experience...

Well, it was a wonderfull experience and it was Enjoyment with a capitol "E"!!
...and I would like to thank Smart Centre Amsterdam, for giving me this opportunity.
It was FUN, BIG TIME!!!